Date critical for the survival of the MCU set for July 27th.

That being the date of a shareholders’ meeting:

21st Century Fox set July 27 as the new date for a special meeting of its stockholders to consider the sale of many of its film and television assets to The Walt Disney Co.  The Fox board today recommended that its shareholders vote in favor of the enhanced $71.3 billion offer from Disney, which [June 27th] won U.S. antitrust approval.

This is probably enough time to get a teaser for the new, not-sucking Fantastic Four into the end credits to Avengers 4. I mean, they don’t have to do much with it.  Heck, they don’t even need the actors that will be eventually picked out for the roles, really; static-filled voice-overs as a spaceship approaches the Power Macguffin will do the trick nicely.  The important thing is to establish, right off the bat, that there will be things to watch in the next phase of the MCU.  The First Fleet’s coming home, brothers and sisters.  The First Fleet’s coming home.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know how you get the X-Men into the MCU.  But I bet that Kevin Feige — assuming that he sticks around after the current crop of movies is done, because he’s been doing this for over a decade at this point and the man must be tired — probably does.  And it’s probably all written out in a three-subject spiral notebook somewhere.

PPS: How do you integrate the FF/MCU/X-Men universes? Oh, that’s easy.  Have Deadpool do it.  Heck, that can be the plot of Deadpool 3. Oh my God, that would be the funniest movie ever.  Think of the goram cameos.

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  1. At the beginning of “Marvel’s Fantastic Four” you have Patrick Duffy wake up. In the bedroom window you can see the ruins of the Triskelion, establishing that the events of Winter Soldier happened, and then have him take a call from Reed Richards, thereby establishing that the absence of Reed Richards was just another powerful Patrick Duffy dream.

    1. Speaking of Winter Soldier and Reed Richards, iirc his name shows up as one of the individuals being targeted.

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