Tweet of the Day, And So It Begins edition.

Although Deadpool in the MCU is… currently unlikely. They need to resolve the status of the X-Men first. Still, this is no longer impossible:

Moe Lane

PS: The Deadpool movies brought in almost 800 million apiece worldwide, off of 58 million and 110 million dollar production budgets. The Mouse can do math.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, And So It Begins edition.”

  1. I see no problem with having Deadpool show up (even as a cameo) before the X-Men, but I’d accept any of the Fantastic Four-adjacent properties getting first rights. (Namor, Kang the Conqueror, Dr Doom, Silver Surfer…)

    1. I am *pretty sure* Deadpool (erm, pre-Deadpool Wade, anyway) showed up in one of the Wolverine backstory films ..

    2. Kang is arguably more an Avengers enemy than a Fantastic Four enemy. I know his original appearance was in FF. But more often than not, he’s up against The Avengers.

      Namor was an Avenger for a short period of time. But he’s pretty complicated. And is a pre-Marvel character, like Cap.

      Doom, on the other hand, pretty much requires FF, since his backstory is closely tied to Reed Richards (and Ben Grimm, to a lesser extent).

      1. I .. would like a *proper* Fantastic Four flick.
        Wouldn’t mind a *good* Silver Surfer movie either.
        While we’re out on this limb .. can we please get a better Green Lantern movie? I mean .. the last one wasn’t awful, but ..

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