Disney/Marvel considering a split personality Deadpool.

The question is apparently whether they can get away with a Deadpool that’s R-rated on his own, and PG-13 when he’s in the MCU. …Ah. Yes? Just tell Ryan Reynolds that he can crack wise about the restrictions onscreen at least once per MCU movie. And then everybody else will ignore it, because Deadpool is this crazy guy who thinks that he’s in a bunch of movies. This is part of the Deadpool brand, remember? They can lampshade any damned thing that they want, just by having it come out of the Mouth of the Merc.

Honestly, this isn’t really rocket science.

5 thoughts on “Disney/Marvel considering a split personality Deadpool.”

  1. My reaction to the headline was, “isn’t arguing with yellow boxes part of his schtick?”
    But yeah. Until there’s a Foxbat movie, no character is better suited. (And even Foxbat is arguable.)

  2. They should have him start the first movie G-rated. And then a few times when someone breaks that standard, he can say something along the lines of “Wait, Disney will let us say that?”

    Finally, one of the stingers will have him preparing to launch a tirade of swear words just to test what he can get away with… only for the stinger to end just before he starts.

    1. Have him start reading a list of every swear he can think of from tamest to most explicit. Somewhere around “gorsh” a word should be beeped. And then he should complain about it until a scene cut.

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