THE OUTER WORLDS drops tomorrow.

Giving some thought to checking to see if THE OUTER WORLDS drops at actual midnight; if it does then I can download it overnight and muck about with it at some point in the not too distant future. It is turning into that kind of indeterminate time period.

Is that whining? It kind of sounds a little like whining. The chapter revision of the book is going kind of interesting; I managed two chapters today, but I’m looking ahead and the notes are starting to ask me questions that I hoped that nobody would think to ask. I can answer them, but I’m starting to get why writers hate revising books so much…

3 thoughts on “THE OUTER WORLDS drops tomorrow.”

  1. And by tomorrow… they actually mean today, cuz it’s available right now. Been playing it for the last hour.

  2. I was about to remind the anti-Epic folk that it’s also available from Microsoft (presumably since they own Obsidian now) but since you’re downloading already… well, nevermind.

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