Goram fake videos.

Ach, well. At least I caught it before I made social media just that tiniest bit worse.


  • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

    I realize that the answer I’m likely to get is “nothing”, but what did I miss?

  • Luke says:

    Well, it’s a good spot to note that Steve Jackson Games is launching the Car Wars Kickstarter this Friday.
    So there’s that.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      That is indeed a thing that is happening, as I understand it.

      • Luke says:

        That’s a surprisingly neutral take.
        I should be thrilled.
        But I’m mildly interested. (At most.)
        And I’m not entirely sure why.

        • Moe_Lane says:

          Maybe it has to do with where the game’s being manufactured?

          • Luke says:

            Nah, that was already priced in. I’ve been vocal about China since at least 1997. (Before then, too, but I gave the “experts” the benefit of the doubt that regularizing our relationship with Red China would force the liberalization of their government. By ’97 it was clear the strategy was backfiring.)
            (shrug) I’m much less bothered by the Chinese government persecuting Muslims than I was about their persecution of Christians, Buddhists, Tibetans, political dissidents, and the Falun Gong. (Not to mention, gaining control of the Panama Canal, cornering the Rare Earths market–partially with lawfare against our country fronted by environmental groups, openly declaring their goal of being able to defeat us in a regional war by 2016, enabling/sponsoring piracy, building artificial islands to militarily control strategic straits, the nine-dash line, etc.)

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