3 thoughts on “THE OUTER WORLDS Honest Game Trailer.”

  1. I am still trying to figure out why I do not like OUter Worlds as much as it seems I should. However, one observation:
    The greatest role playing games ever made all have the same, singular response they engender in me- I immediately want to replay as soon as the game is over. KoToR, Mass Effect (all entries really- even Andromeda), Witcher 3, Persona 5.* I did not get that urge with Outer Worlds.
    Persona 5 is probably the weirdest addition to that list, because Dear Lord is that game LONG.

    1. Well, the setting is pretty damn depressing when you think about it too long. And it’s hard to see improvements in-game. In Fallout 4, for example: say what you like about the game, but when I go in and fix Hangman’s Alley (especially after I use the mod that gives me two usable buildings) it stays FIXED, by God. The game world looks better at the end than it did at the beginning. Can’t really say that about TOL.

      1. This is a good observation. You have little effect on the game world in OW. At least it seems you do. It also feels like you yourself accomplished very little.
        It is also kind of sad when you say that Outer Worlds has a more grim setting than Fallout. True, but sad.

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