Creature Seed: Cosmosquitoes.


Description: imagine an eight-inch long mosquito (not including proboscis).  Their dual heritage as Gene Warped Perversions of Science / Unholy Sorcerous Abominations is as obvious as the visible tendrils of magical energy sustaining and suffusing their blue-glowing, electro-technic wings.  Actually, Cosmosquitoes are rather pretty, although the crackling proboscis can be a bit off-putting.

Well.  It probably seemed like a good idea at the time to genetically modify mosquitoes to serve as biological syringes.  Or at least it seemed like it’d be a trendy idea, and it turned out to be: one of the biggest crazes to drop just before the Manapocalypse was using short-lived, sterile (in both senses) mosquitoes to painlessly drain unsightly body fat in targeted areas.  They were doing a lot of weird stuff, back then. Some of it was a lot weirder than this, honestly.

But there was a Manapocalypse, and (of course) some of the ancestors of the modern Cosmosquito were caught in the arcane shockwaves.  Their descendants are much larger, decidedly not sterile (in the sense that they can reproduce), and magical enough to survive despite their own inherent absurdity.  A wild swarm of Cosmosquitoes can suck all of the fat out of a human within minutes; a tamed and trained swarm of them will instead usually hover around the throne of the local looks-obsessed Evil Ruler as pets and valued medical companions.  Until the Evil Ruler needs a of them to suck all the fat of someone in order to encourage the others, of course.

It’d be nice to say that at least Cosmosquitoes turn their victims good-looking corpses, but it’s not really true.