This has not been the best day.

Various grownup-type stuff and worries going around today*, the five hundred words I wrote this evening turned out to be kind of crap when I looked at them again, and the feedback in the short story rejection email I got yesterday was much more painful when I looked at it again this afternoon. Some days are good days, some days are not. This was not the best day.

Eh. December, I guess. Maybe I should get a sun lamp.

Moe Lane

*Nothing medical. Or, really, more than painassery, compared to other people’s problems.

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  • Compound says:

    While not comparable to your day, here’s how my night is going.
    See a tweet about “how the whole world could live in NH at Brooklyn level densities.” Think of a David Brin line from Sundiver about the Bureaucracy and everyone living at Soviet levels of prosperity, which “is better than in 99% of human existence.” Go to look up exact quote. Can’t find physical copy. Sundiver is not available as an ebook. Start looking for other sources. Find one, which has each page as a new web page. Not good. Look more. Gurps Uplift? Not on Warehouse 23. Library has a copy of Sundiver. Sign up. Download. Line not there. Could have sworn that it was in the section about the trial of tears. Start looking through physical copy Startide Rising. It’s now 2 hours later and I’m still looking for the damn quote to put in a tweet that the original poster won’t even pay attention to in the first place.

  • acat says:

    A sunlamp, or a desk with a good southern exposure .. or a bottle of vitamin d pills.
    Hasn’t been the best day here either .. nothing major, just stuff that should sync failing to.
    p.s. recommended playlist includes “Some Days Are Better Than Others” (U2) and “Beautiful Day” (the Sanctus Real cover because Dustin Lolli isn’t compelled to mumble the way Bono does)

  • Belcatar says:

    Rejection letters are never fun, but they are part of the business. Not that I would know. I do not handle rejection well, so I don’t submit work.

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