01/15/2010 Snippet, Frozen Dreams.

Kind of liked that particular literary reference at the end.

“What the hell happened?”

Under different circumstances, it’d have been fun to see Gannon and Foster going at it; he’s got more rank but her connections are fresher. Local cop against the Feds: the Lore’s full of stuff like this, and it’s great to watch it on the stage. In real life everything gets a bit more antsy.

I couldn’t blame either one. Lt. Foster needed ‘Perez’ to squeal some more, and she was blaming the local cops for letting him get killed; and Captain Gannon had a cop in the hospital, and he was blaming the Flatfoots for letting ‘Perez’ sneak in. Both of them were mad, which was fair. But they were ready to take it out each other, and that was going to get in the way of the Case. So I cleared my throat. “Okay, so everybody screwed up,” I said. “Can we get past that? Because I got better things to do today.”

That got me a glare from both of them. Nice. When in doubt, piss people off. That’s the Shamus way. “Fine,” said Gannon. “You got any helpful suggestions, Shamus?”

“Sure,” I said. “Trash the cell; see if it was messed with. Then check the cuffs and the hood. See if those were messed with.” A line from the opera I had seen crossed through my mind. “Or you could just sit around, and glare.”

Ah, the classics.