So, it looks like the Wastelanders expansion for Fallout 76 is coming soon.

Soonish? I’m doing the updates for Fallout 76 either which way. 9 gigs’ worth at this point, even before said expansion. I’m mildly curious about how the game looks at this point; I gather that there’s been a lot of changes.

Moe Lane

PS: Well, it was always my problem with Fallout 76, wasn’t it? Why should I care where I am or what I did? Everybody else was dead except maybe some robots. But if there are people to protect, well, OK. I can do that.

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  • Luke says:

    My major problem was Bethesda pulling a face-heel turn, but milage evidently varies.
    I much preferred Anthem. It was a tragic failure, but at least the exploitation was limited to releasing a game that was nowhere near ready. (Speaking of, I need to play that again, swallow my pride and use a guidebook. I’m a handful of notes from having 1100% completion.

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