So, it looks like the Wastelanders expansion for Fallout 76 is coming soon.

Soonish? I’m doing the updates for Fallout 76 either which way. 9 gigs’ worth at this point, even before said expansion. I’m mildly curious about how the game looks at this point; I gather that there’s been a lot of changes.

Moe Lane

PS: Well, it was always my problem with Fallout 76, wasn’t it? Why should I care where I am or what I did? Everybody else was dead except maybe some robots. But if there are people to protect, well, OK. I can do that.

I’m torn on this Fallout 76 trap.

Half of me is admiring and amused at the workmanship found in this Fallout 76 player-made trap, and wants to lead a team to burn it to the ground. And half of me is appalled at the maniacal attention to murderous detail, and wants to lead a team to burn it to the ground. Neither side of me will actually do that, because while I’ll probably be popping back into Fallout 76 soon I don’t bother people at their fun if they’re not bothering me.

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I don’t really know what to do about Fallout 76.

I still play Fallout 76, actually: log on, go wandering around, level up a little, then advance the plot a bit, although I doubt that I’ll actually get around to launching a nuke on my own or in a group.  It’s even still enjoyable. But I still don’t get what Bethesda was trying to do with this game.  I mean, what’s the final point of it?  At least when you nuke the Institute or Alduin you can say hey! I did that.  I’m almost ready to start another game of Fallout 4, or maybe even New Vegas.  Although I’d love a New Vegas where I could build actual settlements… but I digress.

Bottom line: I will probably play Fallout 76 until something new comes out, and then I will drop it for that.  And that is not my usual style for Bethesda games.  Seriously, you gotta give me a reason why I should care about popping back to Appalachia.

Fixing Fallout 76.

Because, yeah, Fallout 76 is a bit broken.  It’s also probably too late to fix, because the reviews and sales aren’t looking too pretty.  But since when has that stopped anybody?

The core problem Fallout 76 has isn’t the PvP, which is nonexistent (I’ve gotten shot at three times since I’ve started playing, and twice I sat there and died because I deserved it); nor is it the bugs (which are annoying, but not at ME: Andromeda levels).  It’s not even the low stash limit, although that’s highly annoying for people who enjoy settlement buildings.  It’s… why the f*ck do I care about Appalachia, again?  Continue reading Fixing Fallout 76.