Been messing about with Fallout 76: preliminary thoughts.

Short version: challenging, and very sad.

I got the beta – I refuse to use the cutesy acronyms – for Fallout 76, and I’ve been playing it as the beta schedule permits.  It’s not bad.  It’s still early, and right now it’s also essentially Fallout 4 on Survival Lite, but it’s not bad.  I’m still low-level (there are people who are not, and I’m mildly impressed with their readiness to grind grind grind), so I haven’t gotten the weapons and armor that I really want, but the day is young.  Also: the other players aren’t nearly as obnoxious as I was expecting.  This will likely change once the game is officially live, but for right now I don’t mess with anybody, and they generally don’t mess with me.  Which is OK.

But, man.  In terms of the world I just wanna go back in the Vault.  They’re all dead, man.  I have yet to see a live Raider, let alone a sane living Ghoul or Settler.  While my character was underground, everybody died and I wanna blame Vault-Tec for it.  Which is usually the safest bet, mind you.  So, really, it’s all kind of melancholy.

I know that’s a goofy kind of objection, but it may end up limiting how long I play of the game.  I genuinely don’t know what permanent good my character’s gonna be doing out here.  I mean, shoot, in Fallout 4 I ended up ruling all the valuable bits of New England.  Here I’m trying to come up with the perfect primitive shack.

All that being said: West Virginia is still pretty, even after an apocalypse.

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  1. You do realize it’s not an RPG it’s a PVP there are no NPC’s. Anyone you run into is another player. And since it’s a Beta there aren’t going to be many people in there.

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