03/24/2020 Snippet, The Wolf-Man of Westhaven.

The Gang gives chase!


“God damn it,” said Anton, looking at the map. “He’s headed right for a secondary atrocity site.”

The five of them were at what looked like the ruins of a church. Susan had murmured for a few moments and declared the ground still consecrated, which meant it was safe enough for them to pause and take a bearing on the wolf-man. Maddie’s spell showed that he had stopped trying to obscure his tracks and was now heading east; if the party could figure out where he was going, they might be able to intercept him there.
Maddie looked at the map, her eyes swirling into twin black voids as she refreshed the cantrip that let her read in the dark. “’A’ secondary atrocity site? How many did they have, besides the university?”

“Seven,” Susan said. She had been kneeling on the ground with bowed head and folded hands; her standing wasn’t as smooth as it could have been, and Anton looked worried as he handed her a water bottle. “Thank you, love. If this is the one I’m thinking of,” Susan went on as she irrigated her gill slits, “it’s pretty bad. The Magician’s Alliance took over a nursing school and used it to ‘process’ the locals for their slave-armies. It got cleaned later, but there are still items in there that you don’t want to touch. Or look at too closely. And you definitely don’t want to dwell on them too much; they might hear you.”

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