THE NEW MUTANTS: release on Disney+, or Hulu?

I mean, I agree with CBR’s argument: THE NEW MUTANTS is a cursed production. Everything in the universe has seemingly conspired to cause it to explode on the eventual cinematic launch pad, up to and including a global pandemic. If there was ever a movie that could benefit from a direct-to-streaming release, it’s this one. Everybody¬†would¬†understand. They’d all nod, and make sympathetic noises. Nobody would blame THE NEW MUTANTS for this.

I just dunno whether it should be on Disney+. Horror-superhero flick, remember? Hulu sounds like a better fit. And, heck, the Mouse owns that one too, right?


  • Luke says:

    I’m pretty sure the pandemic is less damaging than Snowflake, Safespace, and body-positive Dora the Explorer.

    • Canthros says:

      That’s the new New Warriors. The New Mutants movie is a different team: Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Cannonball, etc.

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