Movie of the Week: THE INVISIBLE MAN.

So, my older kid tells me this evening he wants to see THE INVISIBLE MAN, and I’m going “Well, it’s on HBO Max, and maybe we can catch it when the Snyder Cut drops…” and he says, “No. The one from 1933.”

So proud*. Although I hear the new one’s actually pretty good. But it was clearly time to buy some of the classics. I also grabbed the DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN Blu-Ray collections, because they were half-off. OK, and the WOLF MAN, and I gotta stop now.

Moe Lane

*My younger kid went and brought in the groceries from the porch without being asked. Which is also a so proud situation.

3 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: THE INVISIBLE MAN.”

  1. Impressed. Congratulations, Papa-san.

    There are A&C films I watch to this day and Frankenstein tops the list. Them and Buster.

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