Tweet of the Day, Screw It, I’m Gonna Go Commit War Crimes For The Gipper edition.

I have my limits. Currently downloading so I can download Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War ASAP. And I’m not even good at shooters.

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Screw It, I’m Gonna Go Commit War Crimes For The Gipper edition.”

  1. If you’d be kind enough to provide your thoughts on it once you’re a few hours in, I’d appreciate it. The only 1st-person shooters I’ve ever spent serious time playing were the 2nd and 3rd installments of the Just Cause franchise, which is more 80’s action movie than 80’s covert ops (and 3rd person, not 1st person, natch). The CoD trailer certainly has appeal for those of us in a certain age bracket and philosophical viewpoint.

    1. If you want to rectify that, Titanfall 2 was the best shooter of the generation, and it’s currently on Black Friday sales for $4.
      (Come to the dark side. We’ve got mechs!)

  2. It says something special about the man that his enemies are still bitter over his accomplishments more than 30 years after he left office.

    1. He changed the world to the point that stupid and ignorant writers at Kotaku could make blithe posts that assume that the Soviet Union was content to stay within its borders and not mess with anyone else during the Cold War. I think that says enough.

      I read the plot for the game over at the Wiki article. That properly dampened my enthusiasm for the game. But then again, after the original trailer with the Soviet defector, I don’t think any FPS game could properly meet my expectations. If a company’s going to run a trailer talking about a Soviet subversion attempt via undercutting the moral undergirdings of the country, then by golly I want a game that focuses on rooting out that threat! But that sort of plotline generally doesn’t allow for the level of action needed in a dedicated FPS game.

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