So, they almost did a TIME BANDITS sequel.

Feel free to click through to GeekTyrant’s description of it. Spoiler warning: the sequel would have been a pile of shit. …I was half-tempted to come with something a little less robustly Anglo-Saxon, there – but no. There are times when you have to call a pile of shit a pile of shit, and this is that time. Go watch TIME BANDITS again, instead – and offer praise to the LORD that this is not the worst timeline, after all.


5 thoughts on “So, they almost did a TIME BANDITS sequel.”

  1. David Rappaport is irreplaceable, to begin with.
    Could that be an actual proposed plot? Anything is possible, but it seems way too woke to have been penned in the mid 90s.

  2. Having read the summary, I am not as harsh as our good host, Mr. Lane. Sure, it has no defined character growth, the gender of the characters seem to be given more importance than their personality, and we have not just one but TWO semi deus ex machina to save the plot, without any defined cleverness or courage (moral or original flavor) required for success.

    But there could have been some clever scenes or dialogue with the right director and actors. Maybe.

  3. The bits of gender war axe grindign were a bit annoying, but my *real* point of disappointment comes at the end. “Real god comes back, and everything is magically made better again for everyone.” Contrast that for a moment with “Don’t touch it. It’s evil.”

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