The alpha reading of TINSEL RAIN is done!

Verdict: approval, and it was a better first-draft than FROZEN DREAMS‘. Which is obviously the goal. It would be horrid if my third novel was no better than my first. The whole point is to get better.

Right now I’m spending the rest of the week trying to get the alpha edits done, so that I can start the new month by getting the text to the beta readers. The Kickstarter starts some time before the end of February, so that I can advertise it at Farpoint; and then it’s just a matter of hopefully collecting enough pledges to pay the editor in a timely fashion. There’s also going to need to be edits of the map and a proper cover layout, too. But the editing is the absolutely most important thing.

Wow. I’m publishing another novel! Neat, that.

Moe Lane


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