So, I watched the first episode of MS. MARVEL.

Actually, I liked it. MS. MARVEL is very fannish, which will not appeal to some; and some of the superheroine’s devotees are rather intense about their fandom*. But this show itself was fun. They’re going with ‘magical artifact’ rather than ‘mutating gas’ for the power origin, because… I dunno. Because cramming mutants into the MCU, however hand-waved, is gonna be hard at this point, I guess.

As for any message, so far: …eh. “Being sixteen kind of sucks, but having powers would make up for that,” I guess. Which rings pretty true, honestly. A straightforward teen power fantasy should work out okay.

Moe Lane

*Not that that happens with any other superhero in recorded history, of course. I try to take a detached view about this sort of thing: Marvel gave me a nice little Seventies-style government conspiracy movie with superheroes in it, which was cool of them, especially since they also gave me a couple of heist movies with giant Pez dispensers, too. I figure that other people get to have their itches scratched.


3 thoughts on “So, I watched the first episode of MS. MARVEL.”

  1. I wouldn’t mind the fannish lot that likes the franchise if they didn’t seek to infect other franchises with their mind virus.

    But somewhere between female Thor and SpiderGwen, I placed Ms. Marvel somewhere between “kill it with fire”, and “nuke it from orbit”.

  2. Luke, you gotta stop holding this stuff in, man. It ain’t healthy, you have to let it out sometimes.

  3. I got the first volume of the Kamala Khan comic in a Hugo voting packet. My expectations were quite low, but it is in fact very good, and IMO deserved its Hugo. Maybe one day I’ll watch the TV series and see if it lives up to its source material.

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