Tweet of the Day, Who Am *I* To Argue With The Man? edition.

I can’t wait for this quote to show up on my Amazon Author’s page. And I used all of the ambassador’s names in the quote, too. Because


5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Who Am *I* To Argue With The Man? edition.”

  1. Sure it’s cool, but just like farmboys who see Paris, how will Moe go back to scribbling now that’s he’s rubbed elbows with the elite?

  2. And as Bensdad00 so aptly points out, What Now, hmmm? WHAT NOW???

    Will the insidious influence of a thousand year old royal House be enough to pull the EG from the demented grip of his twisted and outre` commentators and plunge him into the swirling waters of intrigue that lap the roots of Modern Europe???

    Or will he resist that siren call and remain what he is, the Jersey Boy made good who is building his own House and a reputation for weird fiction with a circle of fans who are merely harmless dweebs who occasionally go off their meds.*

    *(or did I double up my meds? Oh well, I’ll find out one way or the other)

    PS: Very cool.

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