So, I’ll be aiming for a September 2022 release for DUTIES.

I’m supposed to be getting the final art for the stories by the end of the week – subject to approval, of course, but the preliminary sketches looked fine – and I plan to spend the rest of this week getting the last story fixed up. I decided not to work on it today, because what I really need to do is read the whole thing and figure out what needs fixing. But once that’s done, actually writing it shouldn’t be too hard.

So if you’re interested in doing beta reading for these stories, now’s the time to sing out. I think that if I get it all squared away in two weeks, I can publish DUTIES and have it ready for one of the two book fairs I’m doing this fall. I’ll already have TINSEL RAIN to sell for the first time at Fright Reads, but having another chapbook by the Stellar Con would be nice, too. Assuming I can still get a table for that: my email decided to send a critical message to spam. Yay…

3 thoughts on “So, I’ll be aiming for a September 2022 release for DUTIES.”

  1. I’m interested, but also a bit concerned about ergs. If you feel like you’ve got enough betas, then you all have fun with that. If you’re feeling a little short and would like another, then pull me in and I’ll do what I can.

  2. Beta me please. I may only find typos, like “equippped” in a Heinlein reprint I just finished reading.

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