I don’t know whether THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM is available for sale, yet: I pre-ordered the CD plus the props, and the HPL Historical Society just let me know that the download is ready. I have accordingly downloaded it. And soon, I shall listen to it.

In accordance with the prophecy.

Moe Lane

PS: God, I love these radio plays. And I could use a new one, right now. The diversion is welcome.

The Nerf Aliens LMTD M41A Pulse Blaster.

…(Via Fark) I assume I have your attention, now?

The Nerf Aliens LMTD M41A Pulse Blaster: a fully-automatic, Ultra/Mega over/under shooter. Ten-round motorized Ultra magazine with digital shot counter, pump-action for the Mega. “Movie-inspired blaster sounds” included. This GameStop-exclusive baby will run you $94.99, because they have a pretty good feel for their target markets. Five bucks more might have hit a price point.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, it is absolutely beautiful. But it’s not ’95 bucks beautiful,’ at least to me. Or at least at this particular moment in time.

Tweet of the Day, …Sure, Okay, Let’s Teach Robots How to Parkour edition.

Why the hell not? Surely it’ll never end in murderbots doing jumpy-flippy stuff in the abandoned streets of post-apocalyptic Newark.


Tweet of the Day, ‘Crocodile Donnie?’ …I’ll Allow It edition.

Wrestle a gator into submission, get the nickname. Seems fair.

Moe Lane

Welp, back to normal-ish tomorrow.

School starts in a couple of weeks – one hopes – and things must be done before that. But I think I can skip the acetaminophen from here on out*. And in a few days, my wife might even let me pick up things! Bliss.

Moe Lane

*I dropped the opoids as soon as my pain tolerance would let me, of course. Never mind the worry it might be habit-forming: the gas I was getting ended up being worse than the ache. Or is that over-sharing? I might be over-sharing.

I’m gonna try to start up everything again Sunday.

I’m feeling a good deal better, except for the soreness (and itching from where they shaved me in unusual places, not that you needed to know that). But there’s a bunch of low-key stuff going on otherwise and I should spend another day taking it easy. I have a good excuse, methinks.

Moe Lane

PS: I did rack up a few Good Parenting points tonight, I think. Discussing writing stuff with Eldest (he’s gotten into it lately), and I was struck with the happy thought that he and Youngest (who is himself pretty solidly into drawing*) could collaborate on a project or two, for the benefit of grandparents. The kids even seemed reasonably enthusiastic about the prospect! Now I just have to make sure it doesn’t crush their spirits.

Oh, I am *salty* today. (Buy my books!)

A combination of the aches, soreness, and painkillers, I suspect. It would probably be best if I automatically not publish anything more controversial than “I like turtles.” Maybe it’d be more hilarious, but it wouldn’t be best.

Oh, and buy my books. I am totally ready to cheaply milk sympathy at my ouch-ridden state for sales. Always Be Closing…