In Nomine Revisited: Shalgiel, Demon of Snow.

Another school closing tomorrow. Yay.

Impudite Knight of the Dead
Demon of Snow

Corporeal Forces: 4 Strength: 10 Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence: 7 Precision: 9
Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12
Word-Forces: 6
Vessel/2 (small man, Charisma -1)

Skills: Dodge/3, Fighting/3, Knowledge (Meteorology/6, Psychology/3), Survival (Forest/2, Mountains/2, Arctic/6)

Songs: Blood (Ethereal/3, Celestial/1), Entropy (Ethereal/4), Form (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3), Ice (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/6), Motion (All/3), Sleep (Ethereal/6), Shields (All/3), Storms (All/6, Virtuoso), Tongues (Ethereal/6)

Attunements: Balseraph of Death (special: see below), Calabite of Death, Impudite of Death, Zombi, Vampiric Kiss, Demon of Snow



In Nomine Revisited: Parpar.

Primal Spirits

Corporeal Forces: 1 Strength: 1 Agility: 3
Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence: 6 Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 3 Will: 6 Perception: 6

Elements: Life: Beasts

Affinities: Speed (primal), Obscurement (moderate)

Skills: Area Knowledge/1 (Marches), Dodge/5, Dreaming/3, Fighting/6, Flying/3, Language (Angelic/3, Varies/1), Move Silently/4, Survival/1 (The Marches), Tactics/1, Tracking/3

Songs: Ethereal Healing/3, Celestial Draining/1

Dread: Pointless cruelty/3 (3pt/level)



In Nomine Revisited: Ttthhawkawkssssthhh.

I am kind of wiped, so I’m putting up a couple of In Nomine ethereals up from the old days. One I love, and one I… do not.

This is the one I do not.



In Nomine Revisited: Project Silence: DETACHMENT.

I know that this doesn’t make much sense, as written: it was based on an old concept that somebody else came up with for In Nomine. Think “Delta Green, but they’re fighting angels and demons, and it’s not quite so hopeless for Delta Green.” I had a friend asking around on it, though, so I might as well see how this works in the new system. (You can find the Project Silence stuff here.

Project Silence: DETACHMENT

Department of Collation
Office of Corporeal Observation
(Subdivision: North American Continent)
Commerce Park

Classification: NTN (Verification: SERAPH)

The following is a transcript of a meeting dated XX/XX/XX in Washington City, District of Columbia, the United States of America (precise corporeal space-time coordinates have been classified as NTN, Verification: SERAPH ARCHANGEL).  More complete dossiers on the participants are available upon request.  All Servitors of Trade, Revelations, Protection, Destiny, and Judgement cleared for this report are instructed to immediately report any and all encounters of the term “Project Silence: DETACHMENT” to their superiors.  Under no circumstances shall any cleared entity attempt to investigate said project further without full support from the appropriate agencies.

List of entities present at this meeting:



The Malakite [GURPS In Nomine 4e]

Malakite – Google Docs

Race: Malakite of War (Angel)

Attributes [260]: ST 14 [40], DX 14 [80], IQ 15 [100], HT 14 [40]

Basic Lift 39, Damage 1d/2d, Basic Speed 7

Social Background: TL: 8 [0], Cultural Familiarities: Western, Languages: English (Native) [6]; French (Native) [6].

Advantages [506]: Alternate Form (Celestial Form) [87]*, Alternate Identity (Legal) [5], Appearance (Attractive) [4], Cannot Fall [5], Combat Reflexes [15], Damage Resistance (3) [15], Danger Sense (No Roll Required) [25], Detect (Celestial Disturbance) (Common) [20], Doesn’t Eat or Drink [10], Doesn’t Sleep [20], Essence Control (9) [24], Immune to Trauma [20], Non-Reciprocal Damage [30], Power Investiture (Celestial) (3) [30], Power Investiture (Corporeal) (3) [30], Power Investiture (Ethereal) (3) [30], Regeneration (Slow: 1HP/12Hr) [10], Resistant (Disease) (Occasional) (Immunity) [10], Rites (2) [4]**, Symphonic Knowledge (Honor) [30], Temperature Tolerance (10) [10], Trained By A Master [30], Unaging (Can still appear to age) [15], Very Fit (Doesn’t Fatigue) [15] (more…)


GURPS In Nomine Revisited: Sin’an.

Sin’an 8_12 pt – Google Docs

Sin’an                                               8/12 pt

Primary Skill: Sin’an
Secondary Skills: Body Language, Tactics
Optional Skills: Acrobatics, various melee weapons, Shield
Maneuvers: Breakfall, Disarm, Elbow Strike, Ground Fighting, Knee Strike, Stamp Kick (1pt), Sweeping Kick
Cinematic Maneuvers: Roll With Blow
Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting, Immovable Stance, Push, see below

(At the GM’s option, Sin’an adepts might also buy Extra Hit Points; this would be appropriate even for non-cinematic practitioners of the style.)

At its most basic, Sin’an is an unarmed style, but students also often study hand weapon techniques and shield use.  Sin’an focuses on controlling the battlefield, and making good use of the ground; a user of Sin’an will often prefer to enter close combat, grapple, and then either throw or slam his opponent down.  Sin’an also teaches attacks that are useful when grappling.  Though not part of the main martial style, Sin’an teachers who also teach weapon skills often provide a good overview of those weapons’ close combat techniques.   (more…)


In Nomine Revisited: The Game: Vice Division.

The Game_ Vice Division – Google Docs

The Game: Vice Division

The official name is actually the Unnatural Vice Division, which sounds surreal until you understand what the Game means by it. Basically, both angels and demons can suffer from two different kinds of dissonance. There’s Word dissonance, which comes from a betrayal of the celestial’s Superior’s overall vision; and there Band dissonance, which comes from a betrayal of the celestial’s own inherent nature. The Game’s theoretical purpose is to stamp out examples of either as being a hindrance to the War. A dissonant demon is one step away from being a Discordant demon, which is one step away from being a Renegade demon, and so forth, so the Game acts proactively. (more…)


In Nomine Revisited: Good Friday.

Writing stuff about the Archangel of the Sword was always a favorite of mine, not least because I actually take the medieval period seriously.  Not always accurately, but seriously.

Good Friday – Google Docs

Good Friday

There’s one thing that’s told to every demon assigned to Earth duty, at the earliest possible opportunity. In fact, for the first few weeks, every other demon that the trainee meets will make it a point to mention said thing, in blithe disregard for Word or Band-hostility. They have to, as most demons don’t want to hear this piece of advice, even when it’s in their best interest to do so, and constant repetition (and negative reinforcement) is the best way to make sure that it sinks in. The advice is simple: (more…)


In Nomine Revisited: Satan, Malakite Angel of Temptation.

Oddly enough, this was not the most controversial thing I ever wrote for the In Nomine fan community. No… that prize goes for my write-up of the One Ring, which infuriated a whole slew of people and I still don’t know why.  And I’ve wondered why for twenty years.

Satan – Google Docs

Malakite Inquisitor of Judgement
Angel of Temptation

Corporeal Forces: 5 Strength: 10 Agility: 10
Ethereal Forces: 6 Intelligence: 12 Precision: 12
Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12
Word-Forces: 16

Vessel: human male/4


In Nomine Revisited: MAD JACK WHEELIE!!!!!

…And this would be the Platonic Ideal of the character that I inevitably end up playing.  I’ve never used him in a game, though.  Mad Jack Wheelie, truthfully, is probably mostly just for looking at.

Mad Jack Wheelie – Google Docs

Mad Jack Wheelie
Ofanite Master of Valor

Corporeal Forces: 4 Strength: 6 Agility: 10
Ethereal Forces: 6 Intelligence: 12 Precision: 12
Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12

Vessel: Human Male/6, Charisma +2

Skills: Area Knowledge (Everywhere Interesting/6), Chemistry/6, Dodge/6, Driving/6*, Fighting/6, Knowledge (How To Walk a Thin Line/6, Strategy/6), Large Weapon (Hutriel/6**, Sword/6, Truck/6), Move Silently/6, Musical Instrument/-10 (Bagpipes)***, Ranged Weapon (Bagpipes/6, Machine gun/6, Pistol/6, Rifle/6, Shotgun/6), Singing/-10****, Small Weapon (Ducks/6, Knife/6) Tactics/6

*Including such unusual vehicles as horses, unicycles, V-2 rockets, beer barrels and Halley’s Comet.
**It’s a long story, and not a particularly relevant one.
***Yup.  That’s a target number of 2 on 2d6. It literally takes almost a Divine Intervention to get Mad Jack Wheelie to play the bagpipes properly.

Songs: Battle (All/6), Blades (All/6), Light (Celestial/6), Motion (All/6), NC (All/6), Shields (All/6)

Attunements: Seraph of War, Ofanite of War, Malakite of War, Ofanite of Destiny, Ofanite of Divine Fire, Ofanite of the Wind, Howl*, One on One, Proficiency (Machine Guns), Proficiency (Sword), Proficiency (Unarmed), Proficiency (Truck)**, Proficiency (Duck)***, Proficiency (Tactical Nuke)****, Scabbard*****, Sure-Footed, Incarnate Law, Master of Valor, ‘Mad Jack Wheelie’

*This is a literal Howl: actually, it’s more like a bark.
**Yes, this means that he adds the CD of a successful Precision roll to Power whenever he runs over somebody with a truck.
***Ditto with attacks utilizing a duck.
*****Rumors that Laurence was cajoled into gifting him with a Scabbard Attunement with a rather increased upper weight limit have not been confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt.  After all, Mad Jack Wheelie could just have been given a Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine with the Summonable Feature.

‘Mad Jack Wheelie’
This is not an Attunement: it’s more of an explicit enumeration of just how obnoxious his tactical skills are.  As it stands, Mad Jack Wheelie has a target number of 24 in Tactics and Strategy, before his… unique… artifact is taken into account.  That works out to an auto-success with a minimum CD of 13, just in case it needs to be spelled out.

Relics: The Bathtub of Blessed Winston


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