Dear me, but this Granite State poll is HORRIBLE for New Hampshire Democrats.

This is not a good polling position for incumbent Congresswomen to be in:

  • In CD-1, Frank Guinta now beats Carol Shea Porter 45-39 (it was 48-32 the other way in October 2013). Dan Innis is still behind by ten, and that’s about the only good news for the Democrats in this poll.
  • In CD-2, Ann Kuster is only beating Gary Lambert 38-34 (a small slip for Lambert from October) and Marilinda Garcia 36-30.

…and you have to wonder how the Democratic Senate and gubernatorial candidates are going to feel about this, too.  Aside from a certain sick feeling in their stomachs, of course.  That’s pretty much a given. (more…)


Ann McLane Kuster (Democrat), 2011: Libya = Middle East. Kuster, 2013: …NO IT’S NOT!

For the benefit of Democratic Rep. Ann McLane Kuster, (NH-02)…

  • Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya.
  • Libya is that somewhat large country in North Africa between  Algeria and Egypt.
  • That particular country, desperate apologists to the contrary*, is part of what most people call ‘the Middle East,’ – including, apparently, Ann McLane Kuster.  From March of 2011:

Kuster said she supports Obama’s recent action in response to unrest in the Middle East. She said she felt the military intervention in Libya is appropriate because it’s “primarily a humanitarian mission and the international community is leading, not just the U.S.”

“I think that’s the right approach,” she said. “I think we’ve got to be very careful about not ending up in our third full-scale military operation putting American lives at stake.”

We all got that, right? Benghazi, Libya, Middle East? (more…)


Rep. Ann McLane Kuster (D, New Hampshire) sneers at the American people!

And not just the people of New Hampshire’s Second District.  Kuster has a problem with all of us:

…New Hampshire’s four members of Congress, three of them Democrats, were set upon by local reporters with one simmering question: What are you going to do about the faltering Affordable Care Act?

Representative Ann McLane Kuster, the state’s freshman Democrat, displayed her own exasperation over the failed rollout. “Patience is a virtue, and Americans have it in short supply,” she said. “Frankly we are not well served by the politics of all this.”

Not even close.  What we are actually not well-served by is by a monstrosity of a health care rationing system that has already killed 5 million and counting health insurance policies.  Rep. Kuster is the owner of rare and wondrous gift: there is no dangerous, corrosive “Yes” vote on Obamacare on her personal record.  The freshman Congresswoman would be well-advised to count her blessings, and avoid insulting American voters just because she doesn’t like the way those voters are reacting to the worst domestic policy roll-out in living memory. (more…)

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