Apple TV+ scheduled to debut, implode in November.

I wonder how many times the Ars Technica writer started writing these paragraphs, only to stop because he was giggling too much.

According to the Bloomberg report, which cites people familiar with Apple’s plans, Apple TV+ will launch with a “small selection of shows,” including The Morning ShowAmazing StoriesSeeTruth Be Told, and a documentary series about houses called Home. Apple is still mulling over prices, the report says, but is leaning toward $9.99.

The company is also still weighing its options about how to release the content. While Netflix usually releases entire seasons of shows on one day, and HBO releases episodes weekly, one of the options Apple is considering would involve releasing the first three episodes of a season all at once, then pushing episodes weekly after that. Another report this week, this time by Financial Times, claimed that Apple is spending $6 billion on original shows and movies this year.


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