This image capture tells you everything likely wrong with CARNIVAL ROW in one frustrating moment.

What we’re going to get: a ham-handed Victorian dystopia where the Bad Guys were hit with the Idiot Stick five billion times in order to keep them from doing a few simple things that would have been obvious, but also would have keep them from creating the precise dystopia that could later be used to create dull, slanted, yet hyper-topical social commentary about our times. (Sprinkle ‘presumably’ and ‘probably’ in the previous sentence, where needed.)

What we could have gotten: Fantasy steampunk Cthulhu.



The Carnival Row teaser trailer.

Victorian faeriepunk? You have my attention, Carnival Row:

Will there be brawling? I feel that there should be brawling. And perhaps a troll or two. And maybe some elixirs — still, I’m sure that Amazon knows its business best. Coming out August 30th whether it does, or not.

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