Infinite Worlds: Clinic [Quantum 7] [GURPS]

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Clinic (Quantum 7)


On this timeline, magic exists — but only the whitest of white magic. Faith Healing is a recognized field of study; its practitioners can cure disease, heal the injured, and even reattach limbs. Interestingly, mundane healing is more advanced on this timeline than at the equivalent point on Homeline’s, as well: those Great Powers that were not blessed with a large number of healing mages quickly adopted the innovations proposed by mundane physicians.


Clinic has only slightly diverted from Homeline’s history thus far, possibly because it is in neither Homeline’s nor Centrum’s interest that it do so.  Both societies operate clandestine magical clinics in this timeline, and have no interest in rocking the boat.  What either — or both — plan to do when Clinic’s Great War presumably kicks off in thirty years is unknown.


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