#rsrh Whither the post-Presidential Obama?

Jazz Shaw, in the process of discussing ex-Presidents and their public appearances*, wonders exactly what Barack Obama is going to do with himself after he’s out of office.  I imagine that it’ll end up being something like this:


…only without any of the science fiction.  I imagine that there will be any number of rich people out there who will want to have an exclusive weekend LARP with a real, live former President of the United States.  They can all dress up in suits and pretend to be Cabinet officials in an emergency session over the appropriations bill, or something.  Or maybe a crack Secret Service team dedicated to protecting Obama from the evil Republicons ninja strike force…


Sh*t, wait, there could be actual money in this.  Look, whoever from the DNC is assigned to monitor this site: tell your people to call me in February, once your guy’s done moving out.  Business is, as they say, business – and you want somebody who is not in love with your guy running this thing.  Love will get in the way of the profit margin… and the margin on this could be huge**. Continue reading #rsrh Whither the post-Presidential Obama?

#rsrh I (unfortunately) called it: theaters cracking down on cosplay.

Via @wbuthod, the word is out: at least two major theater chains will be cracking down on patron costumes.

AMC instituted an outright ban on face-covering masks and fake weapons. It also said that patrons wearing costumes that “make other guests feel uncomfortable” would not be permitted inside theaters.

The L.A. Times reports that Regal Cinemas, the larger of the two chains, was more vague about changes to its costume policy. A representative stated only that ticketholders “should expect stricter controls over character attire and accessories at our theaters,” but declined to provide further details.

…Which sucks; but then, so do punitive lawsuits, which is what theater chains will be facing if there’s another attack like this.  Note that Regal is probably going to end up with more practical restrictions than AMC: “vague rules” = “less tolerance for pushing the envelope.”  At another guess…

Moe Lane

PS: Believe me, I’m no happier about this than you are; and I’m no more happier about this outcome as I am any other outcome from yesterday’s atrocity.

#rsrh Obama the cosplayer.

I like Jay Cost. He’s a smart guy. But he ain’t no S/F geek, and it shows in articles like this:

You cannot explain how Obama the candidate or Obama the President communicates with the public by assuming that it is all a product of strategic thinking. A strategy implies a goal and a credible explanation as to why a particular action will help accomplish that goal. Too many of his activities are inexplicable by this language of strategic rationality. Recall the Summer of 2008 when candidate Obama seemed particularly weightless: the “Seal of Obama,” his European tour, his grandiose convention stage. There was something more to each of these than the simple determination that they were the best ways to spread his message to the masses.

There was also that entire “Office of the President-Elect” thing, but that was obviously just for that two month period where the President-elect needed his binky. Oh, did I write that out? My bad. Continue reading #rsrh Obama the cosplayer.