Just finished The Mythos Dossiers (for the Laundry RPG)…

…and it’s looking pretty useful. For those unfamiliar with the Laundry RPG, it’s the roleplaying game supplement based on Charles Stross’s Cthulhu Mythos/spy genre crossover series; think, well, “Cthulhu meets spies, and dump in a lot of math.” Mythos Dossiers The (Laundry RPG) is set up as a variety of documents, photos, drawings, and transcripts for a bunch of different Mythos monsters; the idea is to photocopy each section, toss them in a file folder, hand them to your players, and tell them to investigate.  What makes this supplement useful is that while it’s obviously designed for the Laundry RPG you can still use the material for any Cthulhu-themed game where there’s a government awareness of the Mythos: for example, switch out “Black Chamber” for “MJ-12” and “the Laundry” for “PISCES” and you’ve got adventure hooks for Delta Green.  Each individual section has an obvious, independent adventure hook; you can easily flesh out most of them into a full-fledged campaign.  (more…)


I just did the most glorious thing in the world.

I just deleted thirty, forty saved pages!  I don’t need them any more! As of tomorrow, they’re officially irrelevant!  FREEEEEDOMMMMMMM!


Sorry about that.

So, anyway… well.  That was it.  Well, that and “I just bought another gaming supplement*!” – which, as God is my witness, I thought would be more interesting to mention than it turned out to be.

Moe Lane

*Cubicle 7’s The Mythos Dossiers, for their occult horror bureaucratic RPG The Laundry, assuming that anybody’s still reading.  Can you tell that I’m a little loopy, right now?  And that’s not even the booze talking, because I haven’t had any.  Forcing my head out of the channel that it’s been in for the last four years is not as easy as it looks.

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