Dragon Con 2021 Nominations are open.

I got reminded that they’re open until the middle of July (the link’s here). Before you ask: alas, I do not have an eligible book this time: FROZEN DREAMS was published before the period started, and TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION is a collection of short stories, not a novel. But I agree with Declan Finn that the Dragon Awards matter, and you should nominate the books published in the last year that you’ve read and liked.

Also, STORM BETWEEN THE STARS is a rather good book.

So, virtual Gen Con was interesting.

Tried it a bunch of different ways and formats. I gotta say, Zoom was better than Twitch which was way better than Discord; if we’re going to be doing conventions virtually for the time being, Zoom seems to handle it best. I also had the most fun at the Pelgrane Press panels. Heck, I even ran into an old online friend at one, which was pretty cool. I wonder how they’re going to do it for Dragon Con.

No, really. I’d like to know, because it’s gonna be in a month and there hasn’t been much in the way of info about their virtual program. It’d be ironic if this is the one that I can’t go to, because Dragon Con was absolutely the one con I was definitely going to go to this year…

So, what’s up with virtual Dragon Con?

I’m not really doing all of these virtual versions of events and conventions, but I was going to go to Dragon Con this year, before everything went weird and shut down. I figured doing some of the programming would suffice for promises I made to myself about building my writing career. Gotta go out there and make those connections, right?

Alas, I haven’t heard anything about the con this year. I know they’re supposed to do something; I just don’t know what. Anybody hear anything yet?

Welp, Dragon Con’s going virtual. (But you can still vote in the Dragon Awards!)

I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Heck, I was expecting this announcement weeks ago. All the other conventions, SCA events, and other assorted geekeries have canceled by now; if there was another holdout of equal size, I don’t remember what it was. Still kind of sucks; I had a plan to shill FROZEN DREAMS there, after all. Well, there’s always next year, although the hotel situation’s gonna be even MORE insane than usual.

In the meantime: the Dragon Awards are still a go! You can sign up here. And, hey, I even have a book to nominate. Fancy that*.

Moe Lane

*Uphill battle to win, but you don’t win if you don’t even try.

So, the Dragon Award nomination process is still going on.

Even without a Dragon Con. The deadline for nominations is next month, and you can sign up for it here. Come, I will conceal nothing from you: obviously I’m mentioning it because FROZEN DREAMS will probably be eligible (I’m not sure, but based on this I think that if the book is available for sale on Kindle by then we’re good).

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I think that Dragon Con 2020 will not happen.

I know they’re saying they’re still going ahead with Dragon Con for Labor Day weekend, for now. But the same considerations that sunk Pennsic this year are going to hit Dragon Con, square between the eyes. Too many people in too-close proximity during a pandemic where we don’t yet have an effective vaccine. At some point somebody’s gonna pop the chute.

I take no pleasure in saying this. I had a Plan, you see. The Plan was to show up at Dragon Con as a for-real published author, fresh off of a successful Kickstarter. But, thanks largely to piss-poor PRC bio-safety practices, that part of the Plan went right out the door. …Such is life, I guess.