Barack Obama to double down on sequester stupidity and cancel Easter Egg Roll?

I am starting to conclude that Barack Obama is simply not as bright as he thinks that he is:

The next casualty of sequestration could be the Easter Bunny – at least according to a White House e-mail that recently landed in Capitol Hill inboxes.

The White House warned Congress that budget cuts could nix the annual Easter Egg Roll for kids, which is planned for April 1.

Neither, apparently, is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who spent Friday absolutely pooh-poohing (with a heavy dose of condescension) the idea that the Easter Egg Roll could ever be canceled:



The White House Lays An Easter Egg.

Conservatism 101: Or, How not to make children cry.

(Via Glenn Reynolds) I’m going to sum up The Enlightened Redneck’s post here about what happened to the White House Easter Egg Roll ticketing system this year (not because there’s anything wrong with his post: read it!): The new administration, having decided that the old system of having people engage in the time-honored tradition of physically camping out in line for tickets was somehow “unfair,” instead decided to make the registration process online. The process didn’t work properly – Shock! Surprise! – so people got tickets essentially via being lucky enough to be able to register before their session timed out.

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