Item Seed: The Edelweiss Grimoire.

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The Edelweiss Grimoire


It usually bemuses beginning alchemists when they come to this ‘textbook’ in class: after all, it’s simply a DVD with The Sound of Music on it.  This bemusement typically lasts only until they sit down and actually watch it — as in, with their esoteric ears on.  The songs are the important thing; once you decipher and memorize the code keys found in “Do-Re-Me,” you quickly realize that the words and music are actually clever formularies for various alchemical processes:




Edelweiss, The Sound of Music

Long story, and an ever-so-slightly mean one.


This adaptation of Edelweiss is not actually an abomination.

No, really.

…even if you liked the song and the movie (by the way, in case nobody ever told you: it’s OK to like The Sound of Music. I like The Sound of Music, and here I am admitting it on the Internet and everything); after all, Rogers & Hammerstein made up the blessed thing themselves*. At least, that’s what Wikipedia says, and there’s nothing about it that has anything to do with the Iraq War, so it’s probably accurate enough. So: it’s a commercialization of a faux-authentic folk song created for commercial purposes, so no worries, right?

This, on the other hand: (more…)

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