Why are they remaking Escape From New York?

No, I’m serious.  Why are they remaking Escape From New York? What is the motivation, here? Particularly since I’ve heard that the plot as well as, effectively, the location is going to be remarkably different.  Why not call it… something else?  Something that won’t tick off people who saw nothing wrong with the original.

Moe Lane

PS: Besides, Escape From New York had a worthy remake.  It was called Arkham City, and it managed ‘worthy remake’ by the bold move of replacing Snake Plissken with Batman.  That’s the only way you can get away with doing something like that, really.  Batman trumps all.


Movie of the Week: Toy Story 2.

Mostly because the sequel to Toy Story 2 is out (Toy Story 3), and by all accounts it’s yet another goram spectacular Pixar movie.  It’s starting to get embarrassing, the way that Pixar can’t seem to help but make insanely good movies…

We thus escape Escape from New York.


Movie of the Week: Escape from New York.

The sequel was awful – except for the bit with Bruce Campbell in it – but Escape from New York was pretty good, as long as you understood going in that your disbelief would not so much be suspended as it would be expelled, then shipped off to military school. One of John Carpenter’s better ones… and it’s always frustrating, because you never know with that director whether or not he’s going to be pretty darn good, or just plain bad. Just saying, that’s all.

And so we shine the sun on Daybreakers. But for not long enough.

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