‘Doctor’ at Jackson-Lee town hall: lying, and defensive about it.

Unrepentant liar, astroturfer, lacking in manners, plausible link to radical left-wing activist: if I was going to create someone designed to discredit health care rationing supporters, the result would look just like Roxana Mayer.

I covered this briefly yesterday on another social media site (which is a pretentious way of saying that I Twittered it): Patterico’s Pontifications tracked down a ‘Doctor’ Roxana Mayer who spoke in favor of health care rationing at what is rapidly becoming Sheila Jackson-Lee’s infamous town hall event. It turns out that she’s not a doctor; she was a state Obama delegate, and is an out-of-district graduate student in sociology.  When Patterico called her on it, her response was this:

Do you mean play a doctor like you play a journalist? Then the answer is no. But who knows, that was only my first town hall meeting–even though I was a delegate. If I go to another one, which I seriously doubt because my husband is already extremely annoyed, then maybe I’ll play a plumber.



Want to listen to the guy who smeared John Gibson?

Via Hot Air Headlines, here you go:

As you know, I used that video myself – and I have to tell you, I can’t remember seeing the annotation either. I don’t know enough about Scott Baker’s delivery and general style to tell if he was discreetly calling nonsense on this, but I’m just the smallest bit jaundiced. People do do stupid stuff and think that they won’t get caught doing it, after all…


‘Commemorative Obama coins’ not as advertised.

Savor the unsubtle nature of this one, o my droogies.

Originally brought to my attention by Patterico. Better video here.

The celebrity-endorsed item is actually an ordinary, every-day existing coin that has simply been covered with the cheapest – and frankly, the cheesiest – of materials and sold to the unsuspecting populace at a truly astounding markup. And getting a refund is next to impossible.

Do I really need to hammer this one into the ground, or can I assume that everybody has gotten the point?

Moe Lane

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