Just finished the Falskaar Skyrim fan mod.

if you’re as much of a fan of Skyrim as I am, you’ve probably already downloaded it (background here).  If you haven’t: it’s good. It’s very good, in fact: Bethesda could do worse than to take the mod, fix a few bugs here and there (they do exist, contra the original brag, but are mostly just glitches), flesh out a couple of locations, and release it for money.  And, yeah: hire Alexander J. Velicky (the kid who made the mod).  This wasn’t a bad resume at all.

Oh, sorry, here’s a link to the mod on Skyrim Nexus.

So, I downloaded the Skyrim mod/job application Falskaar…

…noted here and in the video below:

It’s very pretty, very comprehensive, I expect to enjoy playing it, and it has a bug in its early “No Harm, No Fowl” quest: the wolf just stops in the middle of the road, and you have to go find the quest end location yourself.  I mention that specifically because of this comment from developer Alexander J. Velicky:

“I’m going to wait until the bugs have been patched.”

With all due respect, prospective downloader, you are crazy! Falskaar was rigorously tested nonstop by a very dedicated quality assurance team for the entire duration of its development. This means that there are very few bugs, if any, that you will encounter. (This does not include mod compatibility issues, for which I can only test so much) Every quest was tested and ensured to function, every script should go off without a hitch, and your experience should not be marred by broken or buggy content. Granted this engine isn’t exactly perfect, but this mod should provide a very polished experience, and expecting there to be bugs and waiting for them to be patched, in the case, is foolish! So get downloading, and get to adventuring!

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