Adventures in horrible Skyrim mods.

I didn’t download this. At the moment, I don’t even have Skyrim installed*. But this is the funniest thing I saw today. Although I believe the OP when he named this video “The Stupidest Mod Ever Created And I Downloaded It.” Forty-six seconds is about how long I could go before this feature became infuriatingly annoying.

Moe Lane

*At the moment.


Beating Skyrim With Your Torch.

This ‘play the game with a torch’ video is entertaining because I’ve played enough Skyrim to know just how badly the guy’s warped the game to do it.

The short version is: quite a lot. This is a stripped-down speed run; dude skipped pretty much everything and did a few things that I’ve never even considered, just to shave off some time. And, of course, he went around beating enemies up with a torch. It’s hysterical to watch, if you’re into that sort of thing, but I imagine it was probably as tedious as hell to actually do.

Microsoft to get rights to Cyberpunk 2077, and… Elder Scrolls 6?


Microsoft has been heavily criticized for not securing the marketing rights to as many high-profile 3rd party titles as Sony has in recent years, but that may be changing if new rumors are to be believed. According to a report from Rectify Gaming (whose website is currently down but you can view a cached version of the report here), Microsoft will have the marketing rights to quite a few highly anticipated games at E3.

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Has anyone tried “Beyond Skyrim: Bruma” yet?

I mean, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma looks very pretty. And I have a fondness for the obsessive labors of love that Bethesda modders* can bring to a new lands project.  But I also don’t want to spend two days getting the loadsave to work.  Anybody try this yet?

Moe Lane

*Both Skyrim and Fallout.  Indeed, I came across this while checking up on the Fallout 4 Cascadia and Capitol Wasteland projects. I’m looking forward to both, particularly the former.

Why ISN’T there a Skyrim flick?

Have we had this conversation before?  — Anyway, below is a fan-made trailer for Skyrim*.  I understand that Chris Hemsworth is off being Thor right now, but: why isn’t somebody making this movie?

And yes, I know that video game movies generally suck.  However, there is a perfectly good story-line in Skyrim: “Dragonborn has the power of dragons, must kill Most Evil Dragon Of All to save world.”  You can get an entire series out of that.  Sure, it’d crash and burn — just like all the other video game movies that they keep insisting on making.  So I’m not sure why nobody in Hollywood wants to try with this franchise.

Moe Lane