Microsoft to get rights to Cyberpunk 2077, and… Elder Scrolls 6?


Microsoft has been heavily criticized for not securing the marketing rights to as many high-profile 3rd party titles as Sony has in recent years, but that may be changing if new rumors are to be believed. According to a report from Rectify Gaming (whose website is currently down but you can view a cached version of the report here), Microsoft will have the marketing rights to quite a few highly anticipated games at E3.

The list of possible XBox titles includes Cyberpunk 2077, …a bunch of other games, and ‘Elder Scrolls 6.’ As that link article makes clear, even the possibility of an upcoming ES6 is considered newsworthy because we haven’t heard a damned thing about a sequel to this series since Skyrim came out. Over six years ago.  Now. I know that Bethesda’s been fiddling with that MMO of theirs since then, so the IP has hardly been abandoned; however. While TES Online is fun and everything, I would rather play a game in Tamriel that doesn’t require several gigs of updates every other day.  I’m weird like that.

Fair warning, however: the aforementioned list is probably not accurate.  The lists never are — or, more charitably, events move more quickly than the people reporting on them can keep up. Still, it has been six years since we got an Elder Scrolls RPG, and I STILL play Skyrim. You’re leaving money on the table, Bethesda.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft to get rights to Cyberpunk 2077, and… Elder Scrolls 6?”

  1. Fallout 5 *might* be the game that gets me to buy another console.
    Junior Cat wandered off with my last XBOX and I didn’t buy anything for Fallout 4 because the body count started adding up.
    So .. if they do a Fallout 5 .. and it’s actually available as a *complete game* (no “online only” or “DLCs to come” or whatever .. a *game* on a *disk*) I may buy whatever console will play 3, Vegas, 4, and 5.

  2. This is the part where I act snarky and say that we have gotten new Elder Scrolls RPGs in the past six years, it’s just they’ve all been new versions of Skyrim.

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