RS at CPAC: Rep. Sandy Adams (R, FL-24)

Rep. Sandy Adams is a freshman legislator who is now running for re-election in the new FL-07 district (the maps were thoroughly shifted around as per the redistricting process in Florida); as a result, she’ll be running a contested primary with Rep. John Mica.  Sandy and I talked a bit about that race, as well as CPAC generally:

Rep. Adams’ site is here.

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Meet Sandy Adams (R CAND, FL-24).

Sandy is running against Suzanne Kosmas, who has been busy these last couple of years in utterly [failing to prevent*] the administration from gutting manned space exploration. Sandy has a moneybomb going on today and tomorrow, so we talked briefly about her race:

Sandy’s main site is here; the moneybomb site is here. [FL]-24 is definitely gettable for the GOP, but you have to speculate to accumulate.

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[*Yes, kind of important revision, there.]

[Geez, what’s wrong with me today?]

Tom Garcia (R CAND, FL-24) on Democrats using FL-24 as a flail.

I think that it’s safe to say that Tom Garcia is unhappy about Suzanne Kosmas licking the hand that’s beating their district:

…Normally, I’d quibble about the ‘Marxist’ thing, mostly because the people staffing this administration aren’t smart enough to be Marxists (not a compliment: Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people*), but we’ll forgive the hyperbole this one time. After all, that fact that the President used FL-24’s space job situation as a flail with which to bring back safely into line a too-‘independent’ Congresswoman must stick in the man’s craw.

Anyway: donations here. Don’t get mad; get even.

Moe Lane

PS: Note that Garcia called Kosmas’ flip a day before it happened.

*How hard is it to farm? I mean, illiterate Copper-age Sumerians who plowed with sticks managed it! And yet those people couldn’t manage to keep an agricultural system running to save their lives. Often literally.

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President to do some damage control.

Again.  This time, he’s trying to revise and extend his plans on space policy:

President Barack Obama will outline his administration’s vision for space agency NASA and an eventual trip to Mars during a conference in Florida in April, the White House said on Sunday.

Obama has had to defend his commitment to the space agency in the politically important U.S. state after submitting a budget to Congress that would cancel a program to return U.S. astronauts to the moon.

Glenn Reynolds thinks that the White House wasn’t expecting a pushback; but really, why should they have been? All the President did was break his campaign promise and kill twenty-three thousand jobs in a Congressional District whose Congresswoman had the temerity to vote against the health care bill – which said bill is, of course, infinitely more important to the Democrats than manned space exploration.  There are so many other campaign promises that the President has broken; why should this one be treated any differently?

Moe Lane

PS: Tom Garcia is running in FL-24 as a Republican, and he’s pretty mad about the space thing himself.  He’d also love to hear from you.

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Obama administration kills 23K space-related jobs in Florida.

So they can spend that money right here on Earth:

Revised projections now show that about 23,000 workers at and around Kennedy Space Center will lose their jobs because of the shuttles’ retirement and the new proposal to cancel the development of new rockets and spacecraft.

That sum includes 9,000 “direct” space jobs and — conservatively speaking — 14,000 “indirect” jobs at hotels, restaurants, retail stores and others that depend on activity at the space center, said Lisa Rice, Brevard Workforce president.

…(via Geraghty) more accurately, so that they can spend that money right here on Earth, and in districts that aren’t R+4 and that aren’t represented by a Democrat who voted against health care rationing.  I mean, seriously: they would have eventually killed the space program anyway.  But being able to do it in a way that would get maximum revenge against an apostate?  That’s just gravy.

Moe Lane

PS: You know, if we absolutely had to elect a Democrat President, it’s a darn shame that we didn’t at least elect the one who said (bolding mine):

We cannot cede our leadership in space. That’s why I will help close the gap and ensure that our space program doesn’t suffer when the Shuttle goes out of service by working with Senator Bill Nelson to add at least one additional Space Shuttle flight beyond 2010; by supporting continued funding for NASA; by speeding the development of the Shuttle’s successor; and by making sure that all those who work in the space industry in Florida do not lose their jobs when the Shuttle is retired – because we cannot afford to lose their expertise.”

Oh, wait. We did.

PPS: I had a nice chat with Republican FL-24 candidate Tom Garcia at CPAC, including some discussion of space issues.  Just saying.

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