Tweet of the Day, The Mask Slips On The Flat Earth Society Twitter Account edition.

Yeaaah. Those guys played a good game, but I can’t suspend my disbelief anymore.  Not that I disapprove, really.  I particularly find the blue check mark entertaining.


Actually: the Flat Earth Society is on *your* side, Barack Obama.

In his heart, Barack knows it’s flat.

Doesn’t the President have anybody who can check this sort of thing for him?

In his big speech on climate change today, President Obama mocked Republicans who deny the existence of man-made global warming by derisively referring to them as members of “the Flat Earth Society.”

[snip of a political science major opining on a scientific controversy which is is amassing an impressive amount of corruption allegations on one side]

As it turns out, there is a real Flat Earth Society and its president thinks that anthropogenic climate change is real.

But the real story here is this: Salon felt the urge to note that Barack Obama got something wrong.  More fascinatingly, they actually published it.  The bloom is, as they say, off of the rose. (more…)

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