…Sorry, folks, I got nothing.

Unless you want to hear about how I’m ready to let that turian dude get exiled because he was engaging in conduct unbecoming in a turian.  Because I’m absolutely ready to do that.  When it comes to the Mass Effect universe, I have like zero tolerance for turians who let the species down. With great badassery comes great responsibility, and when your iconic figure is Garrus, well.

Sorry, yeah, this is mostly what’s taken over my brain.  You all know how that goes.

Actually, I want Garrus to get me a sno-cone.

That would be like the best thing ever: because if anybody could deliver a sno-cone at hyper-velocity speeds, it’d be Garrus.  You know, I didn’t use Garrus enough in Mass Effect 2.  Not sure why, except that maybe the first time through I hadn’t played Mass Effect yet, and was thus not really yet understanding just how cool the character was (a problem similar to the one that I had with Tali, obviously).  I will have to fix that, obviously.

ME3 demo out next month!  CANNOT. WAIT.

Moe Lane

PS: One thing, though… ‘Sir?’  Haven’t we been over this, already?  Since when was Commander Shepard a guy?