Obviously, I’m biased in any RedState Gathering / Iowa Straw Poll contest…

…but why does the Iowa GOP even want to split their straw poll off from the Iowa State Fair? I can sort of get the idea that the state Republican party may be a little upset with RedState: after all, we routinely daydream about a wonderful world where agriculture subsidies and ethanol mandates are history. But shifting the time and venue of the Iowa Straw Poll so that it interferes with the RedState Gathering still seems a little… petty.

I know, I know: the Iowa GOP will undoubtedly claim that we were completely irrelevant to their decision-making process.  Some of them might even believe it.  But there’s a certain percentage of that state’s party infrastructure that has never forgiven RedState for upstaging them in 2012 with Rick Perry’s announcement. And, let’s face it: Iowa is bad at picking the Republican nominee. Which is something else that the Iowa GOP doesn’t seem inclined to forgive us for mentioning.


From the 2014 RedState Gathering: Mark Davis and Scott Ott.

I wasn’t there for this year’s RedState Gathering, but I watched this particular panel from it with no little interest. Mark Davis is a Texan talk show guy; Scott Ott is, of course, Scott Ott of Scrappleface. The video is about a half hour long, and mostly about Texas, the Left’s long term goals for Texas (via the use of Battleground Texas), and how we should be talking to people. It’s very interesting: listen to the whole thing.

In case you’re wondering, the consensus between Mark and Scott about this year’s Texas election is that Wendy Davis is, ha, toast.  And that this is something that we have to worry about, because it’s really easy to get complacent about this sort of thing.  Not a smart thing to do, over the long term.

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