From the 2014 RedState Gathering: Mark Davis and Scott Ott.

I wasn’t there for this year’s RedState Gathering, but I watched this particular panel from it with no little interest. Mark Davis is a Texan talk show guy; Scott Ott is, of course, Scott Ott of Scrappleface. The video is about a half hour long, and mostly about Texas, the Left’s long term goals for Texas (via the use of Battleground Texas), and how we should be talking to people. It’s very interesting: listen to the whole thing.

In case you’re wondering, the consensus between Mark and Scott about this year’s Texas election is that Wendy Davis is, ha, toast.  And that this is something that we have to worry about, because it’s really easy to get complacent about this sort of thing.  Not a smart thing to do, over the long term.

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#rsrh Belated congratulations to Scott Ott and his reform slate.

Last week Scott Ott, Lisa Scheller, and Vic Mazziotti all won their elections to Lehigh County, Pennsylvania’s board of commissioners.  And, folks?  That’s what we need.  More of us actually elected at the local and state level.  Go in from the bottom, work your way up, influence the people around you as you rise.

…sayeth the guy who just sits around on a computer and types away all day.  Still, it is good advice.

Belated congratulations to Scott Ott!

And to his team of four (Ott, Lisa Scheller, Vic Mazziotti, & David Najarian) running for four open Lehigh Valley County Commissioner (PA) slots: all four beat out incumbent Republican Dean Browning in Tuesday’s Republican primary, and at least three of them will be on the ticket in the general.  The fourth may or may not be; they’re recounting that right now.

We covered this race last month: Scott Ott, of course, is the well-known (and on the Right, well-liked) Scrappleface and PJTV blogger who got involved in local politics because, well, somebody has to.  His team of four reform-minded individuals are running pretty explicitly to put the brakes on spending on the county level; there’s more information about them and the election here. Congratulations on their success, and I hope that I can write that again in November.

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Scott Ott (R) running for Lehigh County Commissioner.

This would be the Scott Ott of Scrappleface and PJTV: you might remember that he ran for Lehigh County Executive (Pennsylvania) last year, and came pretty close to winning.  He’s running for Lehigh County Commissioner this year; there are several seats up, so Scott’s part of a team this time.  Their goal is to put enough Republicans on the Commission to override the county Executive’s veto.

Speaking for myself (hopefully, not just for myself)… this is what needs to happen across the country, folks: changing the way the government does things requires not only activity on the federal level, or even the federal and state.  We’ve got to get in on the process at every level, from the bottom up.  Somebody’s got to do the heavy lifting, and the people doing it for the unglamorous jobs particularly deserve our attention and aid.  Because if they don’t do it and if you don’t do it, who will?

And… end of sermon.  Scott’s campaign website is here.

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Scott Ott needs to get one last mailing out.

As noted before, Scott (of Scrappleface fame) is running for Lehigh County Executive, and he’s in the middle of a $5,000 pledge drive to fund getting another mailing in before the election. He’s no more than $500 away from it. You can contribute here.

If you’ve ever laughed at anything that he’s written, then you’ve probably gotten at least five bucks’ worth of entertainment out of him. Here’s a good time to pay him back for that; I just did, and I don’t really have it to spare.

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Hey, does Gibbs read Instapundit?

Check out the bobble at the end.  Not conclusive, but at least worth noting.

Via Scott Ott‘s Facebook account; I agree with Scott that Chip Reid’s asking a legitimate question about Reagan’s notable lack of a Nobel Peace Prize*.  I will also note that my wife laughed out loud at Gibbs’ suggestion that the Washington pundit class get out more; so did I, but that was also because Gibbs needs to be at the head of that particular line.

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*I already know the answer, though.  So does Scott.  So does Chip Reid.  Heck, so does Gibbs.  But really, what is he going to say? “Well, they led my boss in unto temptation, and he’s enthusiastic about giving in?”

Which is the real reason that they never offered it to Reagan.  He would have accepted it, graciously – and then used it to further his vision of peace, not the Nobel prize committee’s.

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Scott Ott does not talk down to people when running for office.

Scott (of Scrappleface fame) is running for Lehigh County Executive, and he’s explicitly avoiding the soundbite in this video. You can read the summary if you’re in a hurry.

At the end of 2010, the reserve funds are gone. Don Cunningham spent all of his predecessor’s 69.5 percent tax hike. At this spending rate, you face a property tax hike of at least 20 percent. Cunningham’s administration refuses to answer questions about the looming 2011 tax hike, but the image above speaks for itself. County Executive candidate Scott Ott will prevent the tax hike, by making the tough decisions to bring spending in line with revenue.

Scott’s coming up on the end of the quarter for fundraising, just like a lot of other candidates out there. Now would be a good time to let our opponents know that we care about more than the federal races when it comes to elections. Donation link here.

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Today is the last day of Scott Ott’s pledge drive.

He is running for Lehigh County Executive against entrenched Democratic incumbent Don Cunningham, and on a ticket of fiscal responsibility:

…he is of course well known to us as a long-time political wit and satirist (this is one of his latest works); but he’s extremely serious about this race, and he needs our help. So, if you have anything to donate, you can do it here. Remember: the cavalry isn’t coming to save us. We’re the cavalry.

And we are perfectly capable of saving ourselves.

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An Obama appointment that I *could* readily support.

If only I thought that this administration had the mother-wit to make it.


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PS: Scott Ott of Scrappleface is running for office. No joke: he’s running for Lehigh County Executive. And he could use your help.

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