This Scrappleface article on giant ants is depressingly untrue.

No, really.

House-straddling tarantulas, mosquitoes the size of German shepherds, ants with the speed and mass of a diesel locomotive — all of these threats and more face humanity unless delegates to the Copenhagen Climate Conference agree on the wording of a treaty that would put an end to greenhouse gases once and for all, according to two well-known climate scientists.

Phil Jones, currently on involuntary sabbatical from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, as well as Penn State professor Michael Mann, agreed that global citizens “face near-certain doom — crushed in the massive, venomous mandibles of insects and arachnids the likes of which we haven’t seen outside of science fiction movies.”

Because while some people may look on a train-size ant as some inexorable, rampaging, acid-spitting formican juggernaut OF DOOM… I look on that and see WAR ANT.  Which would still be a inexorable, rampaging, acid-spitting formican juggernaut OF DOOM, only I’d be riding it.  It’s amazing how less bothersome those adjectives become when they’re referring to your riding animal.

Moe Lane

PS: Ach, the dang things would suffocate anyway at that size.  They did science on this topic, once.

Scott Ott needs to get one last mailing out.

As noted before, Scott (of Scrappleface fame) is running for Lehigh County Executive, and he’s in the middle of a $5,000 pledge drive to fund getting another mailing in before the election. He’s no more than $500 away from it. You can contribute here.

If you’ve ever laughed at anything that he’s written, then you’ve probably gotten at least five bucks’ worth of entertainment out of him. Here’s a good time to pay him back for that; I just did, and I don’t really have it to spare.

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Today is the last day of Scott Ott’s pledge drive.

He is running for Lehigh County Executive against entrenched Democratic incumbent Don Cunningham, and on a ticket of fiscal responsibility:

…he is of course well known to us as a long-time political wit and satirist (this is one of his latest works); but he’s extremely serious about this race, and he needs our help. So, if you have anything to donate, you can do it here. Remember: the cavalry isn’t coming to save us. We’re the cavalry.

And we are perfectly capable of saving ourselves.

Moe Lane

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An Obama appointment that I *could* readily support.

If only I thought that this administration had the mother-wit to make it.


Moe Lane

PS: Scott Ott of Scrappleface is running for office. No joke: he’s running for Lehigh County Executive. And he could use your help.

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Send one each to each of your Senators.

I’d say send one to your Representative, too – but that ship has sailed.

(Scrappleface, via Vodkapundit)

Besides, either you’re in a GOP district, which means (with eight unfortunate exceptions) your legislator is already clued in – or you’re in a Democratic one, which means that you were planning to vote against the person anyhow.


Moe Lane

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