Tweet of the Day, Oh Crud I Need To Order Cookies From My Goddaughter edition.

Look, unless you’re from a Boston Irish background you have no idea how much trouble I’m in right now.  My goddaughter is also my niece.  I have to go right now


Villa Rica, GA mayor narrowly avoids electoral DOOM.

Story goes like this:

  • Girl Scout troop sets up a cookie stand in Villa Rica, GA.
  • Cop hassles Girl Scouts for not having permit.
  • Cop brings Girl Scouts to police station.
  • What happened at this point was not explicitly stated in the article, but probably went along these lines: mayor is informed that one of his cops has volunteered the town of Villa Rica to have a blood feud with the Girl Scouts; mayor blanches and has a minor heart attack; mayor screams at cop in question for half an hour and threatens to consume cop’s liver if cop ever does that again.
  • Mayor gets permit for Girl Scouts; takes entire troop to Chuck E. Cheese.
  • Girl Scouts call off blood feud.

OK, that last part is an extrapolation, but a logical one.  Because you.  Do Not. F*ck With. The Girl Scouts.  Or the Boy Scouts, for that matter.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Scouts are immune to whatever pressure can normally be brought to bear on an organization, and they automatically win any dispute in which they find themselves.

Period.  End sentence.

Moe Lane

Via Stephen Gordon*.

*I’m doing more Facebook references because I’m playing the closed beta for Dragon Age Legends.

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