Welp. Honest Trailers did the new Ghostbusters.

And they turned off the comments, going in.  …Which was the right play, there.  Something for everybody in this one, I think. Or perhaps “a pox on all the houses, including Honest Trailer’s.”  Seriously, they ended this one kind of yelling at themselves.

I really didn’t think that the new Ghostbusters was that bad, honestly. They edited it too much and lost an important scene or two, but it wasn’t Batman & Robin or anything. But that’s apparently a minority opinion, these days.

Huh. This Honest Trailer is really trying to sell me on The Jungle Book.

I skipped it because I never really watched the original movie – read all the Kipling books, of course – and I have a jaundiced view of this trend of the Mouse to live-action all of its animated stuff. But Screen Junkies really loved this flick. I mean, they made almost no fun of it at all:

I should maybe take The Jungle Book more seriously, then?

This Honest Trailer really locks some stuff about Batman v. Superman.

I mean, I liked the movie well enough. It’s not up to MCU standards, but Batman v. Superman had some very decent elements in it. Mostly, as that video points out, involving Batman. Ben Affleck actually worked as both Batman and Bruce Wayne for me; and, hey, no origin story. It can be safely assumed that we already know the history there! Which is great. It may confuse the dickens out of 30th century researchers who may not be familiar with the iconography of the Early Middle American Period, but then they can always just ask Superboy anyway.

…No, I have no idea who could properly direct a Legion of Super-Heroes movie, either. It’s a tough question, isn’t it? You’d probably want to just turn it into a miniseries, or something.

The ‘Back to the Future’ Honest Trailer.

Via Allahpundit, who doesn’t give quite enough appreciation to the sequels; but he’s correct that pretty much everybody loves the first movie. …What’s that? OK, except for that guy over there. That’s fine. Not everybody has to like the same things. You know what we call people who do think that everybody has to like the same things? That’s right: we call them COMMIES.

“Honest Trailers – Independance Day.”

This is one of the ones where the overriding theme is love.  These folks love Independence Day just as much as I do.  They’ve even gotten past the shame of their love, and have simply embraced this element of their souls as being who they truly are.

“Can someone explain to me how they’ve already made 3 Chronicles of Riddick movies and I still have to wait til 2015 for a sequel to this?”

…I don’t get it either, Honest Trailers Voice-Over Man.  I truly do not.

Moe Lane

PS: Pitch Black was quite good, though.

PPS: What?  Oh, yes, they’re making a sequel to ID4. 2015. No Will Smith, but they have Goldblum and Pullman.