Tweet of the Day, You Have To Look For It A Little… edition.

…but it’s there.


Juno space probe now orbiting Jupiter.

Which is cool, for two reasons:

  1. We took a delicate and complex mechanical and electronic contraption and threw it at Jupiter, in such a way that it will endlessly loop around the planet for the foreseeable future.  Sure, we put a rocket engine on the probe in order to fine-tune the process, but the process itself is massively awesome.
  2. As somebody on Twitter noted, we sent an artificial moon named after Jupiter’s wife to orbit Jupiter – whose moons are all named after Jupiter’s mistresses*.  This is a rather good joke.

Moe Lane

*And ‘cup-bearer.’


Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is shrinking! People are actually surprised about this!

Probably because they haven’t figured out how to blame it on global warming yet.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope recently measured the famous crimson storm on the face of Jupiter at less than half the size it was a couple centuries ago (25,500 miles across) and researchers aren’t certain of the cause

I’m not being entirely facetious, mind you. What’s basically happening here is that the Spot – which is, of course, a giant storm cloud of exotic gasses, and not anything resembling a permanent geological formation – is altering, and we don’t apparently quite have either the math or the science to model why.  Here on Earth, whenever something like that comes up… well, you can always get a paper accepted that blames the situation on climate change.  It doesn’t even have to be the main focus; just genuflect at the altar a couple of times and you’re golden.

Or…’ green,’ I guess.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, I’m cheerfully cynical again!  I must be feeling better.

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