Adventure Seed: Losing One’s Head.

Losing One’s Head – Google Docs

Losing One’s Head

Welcome to the wonderful world of esoteric-memetic contamination overload. No, that term makes sense. In order, and using the case at hand: ‘esoteric’ is obvious, and it refers right now to the lingering ghost of that poor fellow who got decapitated by a boulder when Vesuvius erupted. ‘Memetic’ refers to the way that his gruesome, yet darkly entertaining, final resting place was revealed to a world perhaps grown too used to sardonically macabre tableaux in their popular entertainment. ‘Contamination’ is what happens when somebody isn’t on hand to (or isn’t capable of) breaking the esoteric connection between ‘memetic’ and ‘esoteric’ before that connection boosts up a ghost to significantly higher power level — which is what ‘overload’ would be. (more…)

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