Rick Perry, shutting Mark Halperin down on Planned Parenthood question.

This is an important technique that every Republican politician and candidate for President should use when asked about Planned Parenthood. (more…)


#rsrh What hath Obama’s burn rate wrought?

While I give Mark Halperin points for at least not pretending he wrote this article in May about how Obama for America was (insanely) complacent about winning the election, this followup is still a little… Well.  It’s certainly something:

After I wrote my piece in May, some conservative writers suggested I was being hopelessly naive, bluffed by a blustering White House with little chance of victory and blind to the realities around it. Perhaps that is true, although I’ve known many of my sources, on both sides, for years. Their dueling hypotheses these past three months have not wavered: the Romney folks have made a solid case of why they will win, but the Obama people don’t seem to believe they can lose.

Being one of those conservative writers – I didn’t say “hopelessly naive,” but I’ll cop to it – I’ll agree that this is what both sides in the election think.  I just don’t understand why Mark Halperin isn’t laughing in Obama for America’s collective face.  And here’s why: (more…)


Mark Halperin calls Obama a dick on TV.

I was going to say ‘national TV,’ except that it was just MSNBC.

Bad Mark Halperin! BAD! No biscuit!

Moe Lane

PS: Personally, I would have gone with ‘putz.’

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