Democrats facing electoral disasters in NV-02, NY-09?

But before we start talking about implications, let’s review the situations.

  • NY-09. This D+5 seat was vacated by Anthony Weiner after pictures surfaced… and I don’t need to end that sentence: it’s never good for a politician’s career when the phrase ‘pictures surfaced’ is used to describe his or her situation. The race thus is between Republican Bob Turner and Democrat David Weprin… and Democrats are even now going frantic. They’re going frantic because an independent pollster now shows Turner in the lead (which has been consistent with other polling trends); they’re going frantic because Tuner has picked up several key endorsements from prominent New York Democrats (over Weprin’s – really, President Obama’s – Israel policy); and they’re going frantic because the entire Weprin campaign effort seems to be infected with incompetence, starting at the local level* and working all the way up to the DCCC itself. The Democrats have dumped half a million dollars in this race, and are right now grimly contemplating the possibility that this half a million is buying them bupkis.
  • NV-02. Meanwhile, this R+5 district is increasingly looking like a retention for the GOP. Dean Heller vacated the seat after being tapped to become Senator John Ensign’s replacement (Ensign, as you probably remember – and you probably were happy to forget – left office under what we shall charitably call ‘under a cloud’); Republican Mark Amodei will be facing Democrat Kate Marshall. The DCCC has essentially written this district off, at this point: their primary strategy, if you’ll pardon the pun, was to get Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller (elections have consequences, people) to sign off on a winner-take-all election (which would have splintered the Republican vote), only to be told no by the courts. Since then, Marshall hasn’t been able to make anything stick – including linking Amodei with Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan – and Amodei is favored to win. Incidentally, the Right has put about 750K into this race, including about $500K from the NRCC.



#rsrh DCCC cuts and runs in NV-02.

Once upon a time, Kate Marshall looked like she could go the distance in the NV-02 special election against Mark Amodei: now the distancing is being done by the DCCC, which has left her by the stern rail listening to the band play Nearer My God To Thee.  Not that I know how that movie ended.  Or started.  I think that I’ve seen no more than five minutes of Titanic, actually.

And… that’s all that needs to be said, really.

Moe Lane

PS: Mark Admodei for NV-02.


Kate Marshall’s (D CAND, NV-02) scripted support of Israel.

Readers of RedState are, of course, aware that several days ago Hamas terrorists used their occupation of the Gaza Strip as a base from which to launch brutal attacks on Israel.  This unprovoked and obscene attack was of course condemned by anybody with a lick of moral sense… including, superficially, Kate Marshall, who is the Democratic candidate in the NV-02 special election next month.  Alas, I have to say ‘superficially’ because Marshall’s actually making this statement for purely political reasons.

You see, Israel has been in the news lately, and will be even more in the news with Beck’s “Rally to Restore Courage” in Jerusalem. In an R district, it will be useful to express support for Israel and demonstrate some foreign policy prowess while it is a timely topic – especially for people who are likely paying attention to Beck’s event… What was that?  That statement finally reveals me to be a cynical partisan hack, once and for all?  Well, I am a partisan hack, yes.

I’m also quoting Kate Marshall there word-for-word. (more…)


RS Interview: Mark Amodei (R CAND, NV-02)

Mark is the official candidate for the special election in Nevada’s second district this September: that’s the one that Dean Heller vacated to take the Senate seat.  The Democrats aren’t really happy about this one: they tried to play and encourage split-the-vote shenanigans, and more or less got shot down completely*.  We talked about the state of the race, not to mention the state of the district:

Mark’s site is here.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Funny how those kinds of shenanigans seem to be clustered around Democratic Secretaries of State (like Nevada’s Ross Miller).  Elections have consequences, folks.

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