#rsrh Davey [Weprin]* running from Bob Turner AND Barack Obama?

That takes skill.

This is the NY-09 special election, which is starting to freak Democrats out in precisely the manner that past NY special elections freaked Republicans out, and for the same reason: watching a campaign slide slooooooooowly off of the beam, despite your best efforts, has a certain ‘cosmic terror’ feel to it.  Anyway, you already knew that [Weprin]* ducked and ran from a debate last week; but what you may not have heard is that [Weprin]* is trying to disassociate himself from the President*.  Apparently, Obama’s not doing all that great in NY-09 these days.

Via Jammie Wearing Fool, who also notes that [Weprin]* is more than happy to take Organizing for America’s help.  Just as long as they stay at the back of the bus, of course.

Bob Turner for NY-09.

Moe Lane

*He’s also allegedly trying to get people into Bob Turner’s campaign… which the[Weprin]* campaign denied in one of the most perfunctory and subdued denials in recent NY political history.

[*Oops! Fixed.]

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